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Rites of Passage

We provide soulful ceremonies throughout the lifecycle.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

— An Irish Blessing

Other Life Celebrations

We provide soulful ceremonies throughout the life-cycle: baby blessings, funerals & memorials (people & pets), anniversaries & vow renewals, graduations, retirements, special birthdays and other Rites of Passage (see below).

  • Anniversaries and Vow Renewals


These are special events; not only do they bring back all the memories of the special day, but they are also a celebration of your continuing commitment to one another. They also give the opportunity for friends and relatives to join in and show their love and support of your union.


  • Memorials


Whether you choose a small informal gathering at the beach or a large formal church service, we will take the time to plan your special service carefully to ensure a memorable and meaningful event. Planning and putting on a special memorial program can provide much comfort to you as you honor the memory of your lost loved one. It also provides a creative outlet, a meaningful way to expend your "grief energy". Go to site ->


  • Pet Memorials


Many of us have profound relationships with our animal family members. A pet memorial, whether just for yourself or with other loved ones, helps in the grieving process, brings comfort, and honors this special connection.

  • Baby Blessings

Whether or not you also want a baptism, bris or christening, your Baby Blessing and/or Naming ceremony welcomes your baby into the family and community and gives thanks for their presence. The family, friends and relatives vow their nurturing support, love and guidance to the child and can present symbolic gifts as keepsakes. Such ceremonies further serve to deepen our awareness of the special gift and responsibility that children are in our lives.


  • Rites of Passage


In our lives there are phases and potent transitions between these phases. Rites of Passage can powerfully mark, bless and inspire these profound times of transformation, such as girls and boys leaving childhood and entering into early adolescence; graduations; women going through the change into sage/wise-woman; retirement from work into the next stage of creative elder; approaching end-of-life; inter-generational family reunions; and more…

Fees for Services


Fees vary according to the time and attention you want. 


Please contact us to get a customized quote. We are committed to delivering the most memorable service while meeting all your needs and aspirations.

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Coaching & Counseling Including

End-of-Life Care & Support​

Lynnea is an accredited coach with extensive experience in providing effective, transformative support to clients. Contact below to learn more.

It is appropriate- her title of Reverend for she unequivocally reveres and exudes reverence for all sorts of people, of all nationalities, ages and religions and is devoted to serving them and their beloveds with the utmost care and detail…
-Melissa Gray, San Francisco

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