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Every ceremony or rite of passage has value if it is performed with heartfelt intention and integrity. This is what I hold together with you in Unity.

Lynnea Brinkerhoff

After making a big splash overseas, Reverend Lynnea Brinkerhoff is back and better than ever.


Operating out of Marin County, CA, Bay Area Weddings, the chosen Wedding Officiant company of Heartfelt Ceremonies, specializes in reverent and uncommon partnering rituals to mark your special day. The owner of this business is Reverend Lynnea Brinkerhoff, an Ordained Interfaith Minister from NYC One Spirit Seminary and is a certified healer and spiritual practitioner. This professional thrives on connecting compassionately and light-heartedly with others and reflecting the best of their unique love stories. From weddings to relationship blessings as well as transitions of all sorts, Lynnea skillfully helps others navigate and narrate her clients through their intimate cycles of life.

Reverend Lynnea has a diverse background, is the founder of Radical NourishmentTM, a Board Certified Executive and Wellness Coach and co-founder of the StressSquadTM. She is a seasoned practitioner of several integrative health and counseling methods and continues to seek remedies for our modern day maladies and struggles.

Reverend Lynnea invites people to see and change their repeating patterns and to choose the most effective path forward to accomplish their best life possible. She has an amazing 22 year-old son, James, enjoys cayenne pepper on her ice cream, and swims in the ocean on New Year’s Day.​

​Ceremony and ritual spring from our heart of hearts: those who govern us know it well, for they would sooner deny us bread than dare alter the observance of our honored traditions.
F. Gonzalez-Crussi

Supriya Hermenze

In ceremony with family and friends, we are in community, entering sacred space as we share our deepest joys and our deepest sorrows. With all my heart, I will be there with you.

Reverend Supriya Hermenze is an Interfaith minister, yoga teacher, massage therapist and artist.  She has been creating personalized sacred ceremonies to meet the needs of people from diverse cultures, spiritual beliefs, and perspectives for eighteen years in the tristate area. She was ordained in 2002 from the New Seminary at St John the Divine in New York 



Supriya’s yoga classes and massages bring individuals connection to inner peace, relaxation and well being. Supriya has devoted her life to creating space where people can feel safe, and comfortable to relax, to be heard, seen, and cared for. Her warmth, and ability to connect deeply with people, ensures a beautiful heart centered experience.

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